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Q1. What is the Georgia Plumbers Trade Association ?
The Georgia Plumbers Trade Association (GPTA) is an association created to provide continued education for those involved in the plumbing profession. Classes are provided throughout the year and members must successfully complete the required courses. Classes address various issues within the plumbing industry. Each class is designed to improve the member’s ability to operate successfully. Check out their website at www.gpta.net
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Q2. Should I use chemical drain cleaners ?
No. Most drain cleaning agents are harmful to your plumbing. Over time these agents can corrode the inner lining of drain pipes. Additionally, we will not attempt to clear any drain that was recently treated with such cleaners because they are also corrosive to our drain clearing equipment.

Q3. What is a leak detection service ?
This is a specialized service intended to find hidden leaks underground and under foundations, utilizing a special sound detection device. The service is necessary when the leak cannot be found using other methods.

Q4. How should I prepare prior to a leak detection service ?
Because our leak detection equipment listens for sound, the work environment should be as quite as possible. Pets, operating equipment, pedestrian/vehicle traffic and other noises should be limited. Furniture and other objects may also need to be moved.

Q5. Do you install tankless water heaters ?
Yes ! Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular every year. They provide endless hot water, take up less space and are more energy efficient then conventional tank water heaters. Go to www.foreverhotwater.com for more information.

Q6. Do you service septic systems ?
We do not pump or service septic tanks or field lines. We do, however, service the drain line up to the tank. State-certified septic contractors can be found at www.health.state.ga.us .

Q7. What is a backflow preventer and why is it important ?
A backflow preventer’s function is to prevent contaminated water from entering the public’s drinkable water supply. Backflow preventers can be found on residential, commercial, and industrial facilities throughout the United States. Most backflow preventers must be tested annually to ensure proper function. By law, only a certified technician can test the device.

Q8. Having problems with your irrigation ?
We service residential and commercial irrigation systems, including backflow protection. If you are having problems with your irrigation system, contact the company that originally installed the system if possible.



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